An Opportunity to De-stress

relaxation and de-stress
87 Middleton Mill, Bongate, Jedburgh, TD8 6DU

An evening of relaxation, peace and calm.

From 7.30pm until 9pm

At Crafty Workshops

87 Middleton Mill, Bongate, Jedburgh, TD8 6DU


Pauline / 01835 862719

Using techniques that will take you to a calm and peaceful state of relaxation using music and visualization.
This method is where you relax by picturing a relaxing scene, place, or image.
I am a Reiki Master and will take you through many techniques in order to find calm and peace during the session.

When you come to a session, it’s useful to bring/wear some off the following things:

  • layers of warm comfortable clothing
  • warm socks (particularly if you are a ‘cold feet’ person)
  • a throw, shawl or blanket
  • a small cushion when you are lying down
  • you will require a padded yoga mat or even a sleeping bag to lie on or use both for extra comfort (please don't bring the four poster!).
  • bottled water (although I always have tap water available).

Sorry we're fully booked

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